Intel-Suisse can help clients effectively :

  • investigate financial affairs and irregularities
  • establish audit trails
  • identify asset and funds movements
  • compile investigative reports
  • locate & assist in asset and funds recovery
  • "Know your client" and due diligence reporting
  • support law enforcement and regulatory investigations
  • provide expert witness and testimony support
  • provide independent directorships
  • provide Anti-Money Laundering compliance & support
  • conduct due diligence on investments and investment managers

Intel-Suisse is a private partnership created to assist client companies and funds, who have suffered (potential) losses of assets and money, in protecting or recovering their assets and/or seeking justice. Intel-suisse's senior management have extensive global financial markets and investigative experience, and therefore bring a greater knowledge base to such investigative and recovery programs.

Intel-Suisse also liaises with global forensic technology companies, law enforcement, regulators, press and social media, when potential fraud situations arise, deploying market experience and the latest technology for accessing information that assists in the investigative & recovery process.

Most importantly, Intel-Suisse can also screen investments and financial deals before commitments are made, which may result in early fraud detection and avoidance of investment losses.

Law enforcement and regulators are often restricted in their work and domain when cross-border fraud takes place. Intel Suisse has networks and contacts that assist in co-ordinating investigations, which leads to greater success in prosecuting fraudsters and recovering assets.

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